Eddie Murphy spotted in his Rolls-Royce Wraith image

Famous Hollywood actor Eddy Murphy is one guy who loves to travel in style as he has been recently spotted in his newest addition, a Rolls-Royce Wraith.

Eddie Murphy is a Rolls-Royce fan as he already owns a Drophead Coupe and a Phantom and the lineup has just gotten bigger with the addition of this new model, the Wraith. The actor has been spotted earlier this week with his newest ride, in Los Angeles, and we have to admit that he looks pretty happy about it, and this is something normal, as we have found out in our review of the luxury cruiser here.

The Rolls-Royce Wraith has been based on the chassis of the Ghost and it was officially unveiled a couple of years ago, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Deliveries of the vehicle have begun in the fourth quarter of the same year and the model is being put together in Goodwood, England, being designed by Pavle Trpinac. The vehicle is offered in a two-door coupe body style, with a front engine and rear-wheel drive layout.

Under its hood, we can find the 6.6 liter V12 twin turbo engine, which is capable of producing a total output of 623 HP (465 kW), at 5,600 rpm, and a peak torque of 800 Nm (590 lb-ft), available between 1,500 rpm and 5,500 rpm. The Wraith stands at 5,268 mm in length, 1,948 mm in width and it is riding on a 3,112 mm wheelbase, weighing in 2,440 kg.