Eibach Audi A1 revealed image

Usually you can find Eibach working with world famous tuners and every time they need an expert in suspensions they are calling the German specialist, but this news is actually about a car made by Eibach. The car in question? The small Audi A1.

The fact that Eibach and its partner, Bilstein, chose the smallest model in the Audi lineup has nothing to do with the A1 being harder to modify, the vehicle has be chosen because it has three aces up its sleeve: a short wheelbase, low weight and high maneuverability, or just the three ingredients that are boosting our pleasure to drive.

Even if Eibach is mostly known for its suspensions, the Germans have played with A1’s engine too and instead of 122 HP, the 1.4 liter turbo engine is now delivering 157 horsepower, thanks to the kit made by JH Motortuning.

The small A1 has also been fitted with an Eibach Pro-Kit and Bilstein suspension which lowered the car by 40 mm and the Audi is now sitting on 18 inch Borbet alloys, with the rear wheels being highlighted with a pair of spacers. The exhaust system wasn’t left aside either and it’s now ending with 84 mm tailpipes, signed by Remus.

Even if this is definitely one of the most hottest Audi A1s out there, Eibach didn’t provide a price for the small vehicle or for the upgrade kit.