Electric car sales reach record high in the UK image

The demand for electric cars in the United Kingdom has never been so high, as registrations hit a quarterly record.

According to sales statistics from UK’s Go Ultra Low and the country’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, 10,496 electric cars were sold during the first three months of the year. This figure is showing a 23 percent year-on-year rise in demand for plug-in battery powered vehicles, thus taking the number of fully electrical models to a record high. The result comes after a record 2015, when the UK automotive market reported total EV sales surpassing the previous five years combined. It is the first serious jump in such registrations since the Plug-in Car Grant was introduced in January 2011, which offers up to 4,500 pounds (around 6,400 dollars) in incentives to customers, depending on the model.

More than 115 electric cars were registered every day during the first quarter of 2016, meaning one such vehicle being bought every 13 minutes. UK has set a plan to drastically improve air quality by 2020 and, as a bigger goal, having every new car and van in the country be ultra-low emission by 2040. On top of the quarterly record, March also proved to be the strongest-ever selling month for electric cars, with 7,144 new models hitting the roads. The monthly total exceeds the previous year’s high of 6,104 by 17 percent.

Demand in the UK, which accounts for about a fifth of the European Union’s electric-vehicle sales, is second in the EU only to the Netherlands. In terms of total EV registrations in Europe, UK has registered 28,715 new plug-in cars.