UK’s Go Ultra Low organization predicts the British new car market will be dominated by electric cars in just over a decade.

According to analysis conducted by British Go Ultra Low, the government and the industry, and supported by Auto Express weekly car magazine, plug-in electric car sales will soon shift the balance of “power” in the UK automotive market. The organization predicts that more than 1.3 million electric cars will be registered each year as early as 2027. This surge is expected to come based on the government’s efforts to spur the demand and to hit its long-term target of pushing the industry to sell only ultra-low emissions new cars and vans by 2040. There are now more than 60,000 plug-in vehicles on the roads in the UK, but the trend marked a significant increase in recent years, as 2015 saw more than 28,000 EV registered.

“The positivity and appreciation of electric vehicles by their owners in this year’s Driver Power survey is suggestive of a step-change in public perception of these vehicles,” Auto Express Editor-in-Chief said. “We are moving towards a tipping point for electrically-powered cars, so it’s entirely possible that by 2027 these vehicles will dominate the market as the top choice for new car buyers.”

However, this analysis was published just a few days after the Brexit vote, which means it did not take into the account the long-term impact of the “Leave” decision on the UK auto market.


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