Electric Kia Venga launched image

The Kia Venga EV concept, on display at the Geneva motor show, features an 80kW electric motor (the equivalent of 107bhp), which produces 206lb ft of torque. It can get from 0-62mph in 11.8sec and reach a top speed of 87mph.

Its battery pack, made up of LiPoly (Lithium Ion Polymer) technology, reportedly would be able to provide a range of up to 180 km on a single charge while charging fully under normal charging conditions in about eight hours. Fast charge technology would increase that, with a charge of 80 percent capacity being reached within 20 minutes.

Kia Venga EV Concept is a front-wheel drive vehicle with the electric powertrain placed within the existing engine bay. The battery pack is located under the boot floor.
As an all-electric, zero-emissions vehicle that is solely powered by electric energy stored inside its battery, Kia Venga EV will contribute to increased environmental protection.

Unfortunately, Kia hasn’t revealed any production plans for this little EV.