We have no information if this will ever materialize into a commercial application, but we really hope so – this trike looks seriously ready to turn heads if it were ever to hit the road in complete electric silence.

The Mille Miglia is a three-wheeled electric motorcycle/automobile mix that has a decidedly simple, futuristic look – even though it also blends vintage lines to pay its respects to roadsters from the first age of motoring, as evidenced by is name. The moniker comes from the 1,000-mile race that was rocking Italian roads between 1927 and 1957, and has been reiterated as a time-speed-distance (TSD) event since 1977. Now the electric trike with the same name arrives courtesy of Pablo de Chaves, the styling director of design outfit Dechavesmotion, as per requested by the company’s client, Carles de Vera. As reported, the idea is to actually transform the design in a functional prototype with the drive train sourced from Zero Motorcycles.

Electric Mille Miglia concept is a green and sporty trike 1

The idea behind the Mille Miglia is actually closer to that of an actual motorcycle – because the tilting front wheels will make the rider do that as well – as opposed to the more pragmatic Can-Am Spyder or Morgan 3-Wheeler interpretations. The position is still very much close to a car – actually a sports model, with a very low stance for great driving balance. The design is also very much in a conceptual stage – there are no mirrors, no windscreen to protect the driver/rider from the elements.


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