Electric Power Steering in Full size Pickup trucks? It’s possible!! image

It must be shocking for many of the Pickup truck drivers but yes it’s quite true that by the end of 2012, the Full size Pickup trucks will be offered with electric power steering!!

This will not only enhance the security and safety of the trucks but also will boost the fuel economy of trucks by 4%. This miraculous achievement is being developed by Nexteer Automotive, the Saginaw Company.

How the fuel economy works with Electric Power Steering technique?

In the traditional trucks, the hydraulic steering system is the standard system which boosts the parasitic losses while driving. The electric power steering system itself is strong enough to handle the loads of goods and cargo by own which will reduce the strain on the engines and ultimately on the fuel system.

Another drawback of the standard hydraulic system is that a pump is attached to the engine with the help of a belt which helps to have smoother turn of trucks for the drivers. This belt always pulls power from the engine even when the truck is not turning. This power pull increases the burden on engines and results in more fuel consumption. Whereas the electric system will be automatically operated so the power will be pulled only when it is needed.

The vice resident of Nexteer said that the company is targeting assembling of 1.4 million vehicles with this electric power steering facilities. They are expecting huge growth of full sized Pickup trucks after the launching of this fascinate technique. Even the critics are quite optimist about this radical change of technique as it will not only save fuel but also will enhance other engineers to research on other power saving features.

The automotive giant and one of the leading Pickup truck manufacturers of the world, Ford is also impressed heavily by this innovative technique and has already announced that 90 percent of their vehicles will be having this EPS facility by the end of 2012. This blind faith of Ford has come from the most successful experience with Nexteer system in 2011 Ford Mustang which has been apprised by many of the critics and automotive experts.
The simply quoted 4 percent fuel conservation can become gigantic when it sounds that the 12 million of EPS will save 500 million gallons if fossil fuels, isn’t that amazing?
So, just wait and watch for this Miraculous and blessing technology of Electric Power Steering in full sized Pickup trucks. The Nexteer are really going to rock the trucking world!!