Electric S-Class hinted by Mercedes-Benz executive image

The German based automaker Mercedes-Benz is planning to introduce a pure electric version of the popular luxury sedan, the S-Class, in its new generation, which will compete with the Tesla Model S.

The announcement hasn’t been made official by the car manufacturer just yet, but it was hinted by a company’s executive, during the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, who has been speaking with Top Gear. According to our source, Uwe Ernstberger, who is the man in charge of Mercedes-Benz’s large car program, said that there are no current plans for an electric S-Class, but such a model would be launched in the future.

“We have to work on the capacities of the batteries to get a better package in the car. You do not want to lose all the comfort features of an S-Class for transporting a battery only”, said Ernstberger to our source.

Mercedes-Benz is already planning hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of the new S-Class generation, but the most important variant of the luxury sedan will definitely be the electric one. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Electric is believed to compete against the Tesla Model S, in a segment which is currently dominated by this vehicle. More details on the model are limited for the moment and will probably be announced close to its launch.