The hybrid sports car flagship i8 is certainly not going to be a sales hit, but the cutting edge technology that underpins it and the fact that it’s today’s pinnacle of BMW prowess brings a massive boost to the German brand.

Pulse, a German market research agency has revealed a study that shows 44% of German car buyers to be aware of BMW’s i8 advertising campaign in Germany – also adding the model is boosting the future “coolness” of the brand.

The research also broke down the findings among specific brands buyers, with the figure rising to 58% among BMW owners – but also finding it impacts drivers of rival brands – such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota customers. The supporting web 2.0 analysis also showed the buyers recognize BMW to be a forward thinking company willing to risk the introduction of futuristic products.

“BMW is brave, (and) the car has been developed around the drive line and not the other way around,” reports the analysis.

According to Konrad Weßner, CEO of Pulse, BMW’s i8 campaign teaches its rivals that advanced technology is not always sufficient and the clients still need to see a link between it and the car’s emotional appeal.



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