Electric Vehicle sales dropped in the UK image

Despite the dramatic fall in the Electric Vehicles sector, the United Kingdom Government and industry still believe in a surprise comeback.

Sales of electric vehicles have dropped by half and, compared to the previous year when 465 EVs were sold, just 215 new vehicles were ordered by customers in 2011.

Even with the government’s EV grant program, which drops 5.000 pounds (8.200 US dollars) from the price of a new electric vehicle, only 680 EVs were sold in the UK through the program, with the country’s electric fleet hitting almost 2.500 vehicles.

“The figures show the mountain we have to climb if the national car fleet of 28 million vehicles is to turn truly green. Even with the grants program, electric cars are still much more expensive than similar-sized petrol and diesel engines”, said Director of the RAC Foundation, Stephen Glaister.

According to the Committee on Climate Change, at least 1.7 million electric vehicle need to run on UK’s streets by 2020, rising ten years later to 6.6 million, just for the country’s climate regulations to be met.

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