Electronic Arts Wants Need for Speed Movie image

Electronic Arts plans to bring a famous video game franchise to life on the silver screen hiring George and John Gatins to write a screenplay based on its popular racing franchise, Need for Speed.

Several important Hollywood studios, including Warner Bros. and Paramount, want to get their hands on Need for Speed’s film rights, probably in a bid to compete with Universal’s current The Fast and the Furious series. Fast Five, the 5th film of the series, has earned over $626 million dollars world wide, and a sixth film is in production. EA hopes that the Need for Speed series may have a similar success.

Rumors say that Dreamworks is about to close a deal with EA to make a Need For Speed movie with Real Steel screenwriter John Gatins producing a script written by his brother George Gatins. The Need for Speed franchise was initially launched in 1994, and currently has 18 titles in the series, with Need for Speed: The Run being the latest, released in November 2011. It puts players into the driving gloves of Jackson Rourke who tries to drive cross country in an illegal street race.