The competitors for the Tesla Model S keep appearing, and one of the rivals – the rather mysterious Elextra – is now back in new previewing images.

There’s no shortage of startups that dream of Elon Musk – Tesla like glory, so we’ll just keep you updated how it goes for them. In the meantime, here’s another instance of an electric sedan seeking recognition from the world. The Elextra sedan showed its profile recently and now it’s back with the front and rear in semi-revealing official teasers. There’s a geometrical symmetry at the front – triangles seem to be the norm for the headlight clusters and the indentation on the hood. A full-width LED bar might be there to serve as daytime running lights. No grille upfront, we’re dealing with a fully electric vehicle.

Elextra electric sedan showed in more revealing images 0

At the back we get to see very wide and slightly curved taillights and what seems like a rather impractical tailgate and a low-slung and small rear windshield. There’s also a very interesting pair of wings on the roof reaching towards the back. The Elextra – in line with any other startup trying to dethrone Tesla – is promising spectacular technical specifications. 62 mph (100 kph) will be done in less than 2.3 seconds, with the four-wheel-drive EV getting its design in Switzerland and production in Germany, with a limited run of just 100 units.


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