Elextra electric supercar is yet another startup heading to Geneva image

We are starting to lose track of all the startups that seek Tesla-like electric glory, so we’re just going to treat them as expendable news until they showcase a production model and you know, a location to manufacture them.

The latest in the growing list of electric startups that is seeking unending auto glory has decided to showcase its prowess with a new all-electric supercar set to premiere at the best venue for exotic presentations – the Geneva Motor Show. The Elextra is a four-door, four-seat and four-wheel-drive electric supercar that wants to reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in less than 2.3 seconds. So far the Tesla Model S P100D has been proven capable of reaching 60 mph (96 km/h) in a mere 2.28 seconds according to tests carried out by MotorTrend magazine, so the bar is certainly high enough. The creators of the Elextra are Danish entrepreneur Poul Sohl and Swiss designer Robert Palm.

“The idea behind Elextra is to combine pure lines reminding of the most exciting Italian supercars of the past, while being resolutely forward-looking, thanks to its low, sleek and beautiful design, paired with today’s most advanced technology,” said the latter in a statement. There’s just one teaser to go with so far, and apparently the car will be manufactured near Stuttgart in Germany, and with production limited to just 100 examples.