This weekend, the beautiful actress Elizabeth Hurley reported to the police that her £75,000 Audi was stolen while she shopped in Mayfair.

Today, February 4th, the police announced Elizabeth that her car has been found parked on a street in Mayfair, with three parking tickets on the widescreen. It seems that the black Audi hasn’t been ‘snatched’ during the shopping trip, as The Sun reported. The actress simply forgot where she parked her car.

Ironically, the vehicle was parked right next to a clearly displayed parking meter, which tells drivers they can pay for the parking time via phone or text, and that the car shouldn’t be left for more than four hours. The actress has recently returned from Australia to spend some time with her fiancé Shane Warne, but is seems that since arriving home she had a spot of bad luck. Not only was her car ‘stolen’, but her two Labrador dogs got sick with suspected food poisoning.

‘There have been no arrests and our inquiries continue,’ police told The Sun magazine.


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