Elon Musk and Tesla unveil second part of company masterplan image

Part two of the Tesla book has had Elon Musk promise to introduce the brand to commercial vehicles and solar cells, while also pledging a new truck and even a compact SUV.

Investors are going to chew on the second part of the company’s master plan for a long time from now, but we’re actually interested in more immediate matters. For example how Elon Musk is going to deliver on those pretty big promises to revolutionize the future of automotive transportation. Tesla could move to become a much wider company and not just focus on consumers – it could actually have a roster of commercial vehicles and even munch its way into the incipient autonomous ridesharing service sector. More importantly, Tesla is revealing it has numerous vehicles under development – Musk said regular clients should expect “a new kind of pickup truck” and even a very fashionable compact sport utility vehicle.

Without any of them actually slotting below the Model 3 in terms of line-up, the new models would allow Tesla to practically have vehicles in every major segment. Musk also talked about a semi truck that would “deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport, while increasing safety and making it really fun to operate.” And then there’s word of a “high passenger-density urban transport,” – which for us translates into bus. It appears these aren’t rumbling ideas, because they’re already in development and we could expect prototypes to appear as early as next year. Tesla will eventually become a fully autonomous electric brand, “you will be able to summon your Tesla from pretty much anywhere,” Musk commented – and by then the car will form part of the owner’s ridesharing company- when not in use the car will generate profit as part of Tesla’s driverless fleet. Musk has also decided to merge SolarCity with the Tesla Power Wall division – combining energy generation with storage for residential and business consumers.