The automotive world might never be the same again – consider the hype around the Tesla Model 3 compared to the one around the Chevrolet Bolt.

While both models premiere a completely new segment – affordable long-range electrics, you can watch in awe the impact the California-based automaker has on the automotive community. It’s the same as with the arrival of the first iPhone – smartphones (operating on Windows Mobile) existed before, but does anyone outside of the core fan area remember them? It won’t happen the same with the Bolt – no one will forget it – but let’s be frank – there was no measure of hype surrounding every aspect of its release. Back to the point, over the weekend the automotive guru Elon Musk has confirmed the first Model 3 “production unit” has been built at the Fremont plant, and it’s now “going through final checkout”.

This is of course a major milestone for the hundreds of thousands of Model 3 reservation holders – but it turns out this particular example is actually belonging to Musk. This turns out to have been a birthday present from early Tesla investor and board member Ira Ehrenpreis – he had the right to the first reservation because he paid in full, but turned it over to Musk as a present for his 46th anniversary. And on the occasion, the company also presented two official photos of Musk’s new ride (he also owns the first Roadster and Model X, though not the first Model S as well).

Elon Musk confirms first Tesla Model 3 production unit has been completed


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