Although Europe usually gets cold this time of year, and even more so in the North, things can be heated up, especially if we-re talking about the feisty Tesla CEO – billionaire Elon Musk.

He is currently on a tour in a series of events in the Netherlands, Norway in Germany, where he hopes its presence, aimed at Tesla owners and enthusiasts alike would further spur demand for the premium Model S sedan.

In his original and usual loud mouth manner he also talked about a big range of subjects, from the fact that Tesal accounts for just around 0,1% of global automotive production but has a big impact on clients and industry officials alike to the company’s future.

“I think the biggest effect that Tesla will have will be to spur the other manufacturers to create compelling electric cars… to go electric sooner than they otherwise would,” he said.

Musk also talked about its newest business dream, Tesla’s new battery “Giga Factory”, which according to the CEO should produce 30 gigawatt-hours worth of batteries every year — enough for a production increase to more than 400,000 vehicles.

“I can certainly see the potential for Tesla to be making millions of electric cars,” he also said.

Musk thinks the factory’s completion is tied to Tesla’s third-generation vehicle, slotted at the moment for 2017, that would bring a starting price of about $35,000 – likely triggering Tesla’s expanse to the big masses.

Alongside chief technology officer JB Straubel, Musk also talked about the European expansion of the Supercharger network, both promising 100 chargers by 2015 and nearly pan-European travel by then as well.

Via Forbes


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