Elon Musk plans to remain at the helm of Tesla image

While billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder of numerous start-ups is today as crowded as he can be, splitting his attention between car making, space explorations and who knows what new business ideas, he disclosed he plans to stay as Tesla’s CEO for at least four or five years.

Musk made his plans public at Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting, saying he wants to stay on board at least as the automaker starts sales of the SUV-like Model X and the more affordable next battery operated sedan. He also added that Ford is spoiling the automaker’s desire to have a line-up that would spell “SEX”, as the latter sedan would have been named Model E, if not for a trademark stint with the No. 2 US automaker.

“They are killing SEX,” joked Musk, noting Ford made litigation threats to Tesla if the battery-maker uses the Model E name.

While getting compared to such iconic entrepreneurs and inventors as Thomas Edison for the range of visionary projects, Musk said he was never his intention to head both Tesla and Space Exploration Technologies, a company that currently runs supply missions to the International Space Station and came into widespread attention last week when they unveiled a prototype of a manned spacecraft.

Many analysts and observers say that Tesla’s true test as an automaker would come with the proposed $35,000 mainstream battery car – which was originally slated for unveiling during 2015, but has since been pushed back as the Model X is now due next year.