Elon Musk thinks Tesla Model 3 might nab a Trump-approved title image

Most likely Donald Trump will take to Twitter when and if the upcoming Model 3 electric vehicle will make him proud and snatch the most Made in America car.

The Tesla Model 3 is for sure an American love affair – most of the pre-orders originate from its home country and the automaker is making good with them by getting lots of components done there. For example the battery packs come from the Nevada Gigafactory, the chassis and body gets done at the Freemont, California plant – so much of them are done there that Musk himself thinks there’s a “good chance” it will be the most Made In America car when the company kicks off series production later on this year. By the way, Musk said that in one of his usual twitter comments – responding to a query.

As far as credentials go, they have what it takes – the Model S tops the Made in America chart in the EV category with around 75 percent of everything sourced from the US. Meanwhile, during the past two years the most American car of them all is from… Japan, because it’s the Toyota Camry. In fact, the top eight sees after the Camry coming in with the Honda Accord, the Toyota Sienna, the Honda Odyssey, and the Honda Pilot – and only then indigenous models, such as the Chevy Traverse, the GMC Acadia, and the Buick Enclave.

Via Elon Musk on Twitter