Elon Musk’s fortune rises $1.1 Billion in one day image

Even among the world’s billionaires this is a big feat – and the known business entrepreneur owes it to its electric car company – as Tesla’s shares and value went up, so did Musk’s money.

Besides Tesla’s record $30, 4 billion valuation and share appreciation, one of Musk’s other ventures – SolarCity Corporation – also closed on a record, as the business relates to Tesla’s plans to build one of the biggest Lithium-Ion battery factories in the world.

Musk, 42, is a South African-born and is now the world’s 94th richest – but only trails Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to money gains this year among American billionaires. He is now at net worth of $11.7 billion, soaring a huge $3.8 billion year-to-date.

Tesla is in the near future full of growth plans – after last year it delivered in the US around 22,400 electric Model S sedans – it wants to grow the global number to 35,000 in 2014; Musk outlined the planned battery “gigafactory”, due in 2017; a Model X crossover should launch in 2015 and later on the line-up would be bolstered by a more affordable sedan.

Via Bloomberg