Eltek to supply on-board chargers for Volvo EV program image

Eltek has reached an agreement with the Swedish automobile manufacturer Volvo Cars to supply on-board chargers for Volvo’s hybrid electrical vehicle program.

Under the agreement, Eltek will provide Volvo with its EV Powercharger 3000, which features 96 percent power conversion efficiency, reducing heat generation and battery charge time so that charging is cheaper.

Michel Fraisse, Eltek E-Mobility vice president, said the agreement with Volvo is an acknowledgment of the company’s high efficiency technology and its benefits. “With its hybrid vehicles, Volvo Cars bring together the best of the latest electric vehicle technology with its top combustion engines, enabling drivers to have all of the benefits of an electric vehicle, without sacrificing performance or range,” Fraisse said. He added that key advantages of Eltek technology are energy efficiency, limited heat generation, light weight and compact size.

Eltek will begin volume production for the supply of complete water-cooled on-board chargers in 2-2012. Revenues generated by the contract are expected to be booked within a period of five years. The revenues and results effects are not expected to be material for Eltek on a quarterly basis.