Emission investigation prompts diesel sales suspension by VW in South Korea image

The local South Korean division of the German automaker has said it will cease deliveries of no less than 32 individual vehicles starting July 25.

For the Volkswagen Group the Asian country is their second largest diesel market in the region and since the Dieselgate scandal started back in September 2015 they noticed a huge reduction in demand. More so, among the international and local investigation linked to the emissions cheating, Volkswagen has also been probed by South Korean authorities for alleged modifications of emissions and even noise tests. The Korean environment ministry will most likely deliver a report on the matter later this month or at the start of August – and that could make those 32 individual models actually forbidden in South Korea.

The list of 32 models was delivered to the ministry by South Korean prosecutors and for now it’s unknown if the voluntary sales cease of the 32 models coincides with the list owned by the authorities. Even more, a local VW official was even arrested last month in connection with the probe. “We have decided to suspend sales of the affected models to reduce confusion among dealers and customers,” commented a local VW spokesperson. The official added they will enter a recertification process that will take a few months to complete. Volkswagen has been called to discuss the investigation with the ministry already, ahead of the impending review publication – and the automaker even threatened to enter legal procedures against the ministry if the latter bans the cars.

Via Automotive News Europe