Entry-level Caterham pricing announced image

The British based automaker Caterham has recently announced the price of the upcoming entry-level model, which will go on sale in September.

Caterham has already announced its plans to introduce a new entry-level vehicle earlier this year, but until now no one outside the company knew what the model would cost, once it will hit the market. The carmaker has put some light on the new Caterham model by announcing its official starting price, which will stand at approximately 15,000 GBP, 17,600 euros or 23,000 USD if you’re living over-seas.

This is the second time when Caterham is talking about the official starting price of the new entry-level model, after it has released a teaser image back in May with the vehicle saying that it will be priced at less than 17,000 GBP. This may be a marketing strategy to entice new buyers to this segment. The replacement for the Classic Seven will be officially presented to the public in September, as the company has recently announced, probably during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The model will get a new Euro 6-compliant engine and a different suspension setting, amongst others. Additional details on the new Caterham entry-level vehicle are limited for the moment and will be announced once the model will be unveiled.