Caterham has recently announced its plans to introduce a new entry-level version of the Seven, which will be powered by a Suzuki-sourced engine.

Good news for Caterham fans out there who are looking into a cheaper version of the Seven because such a model is very close to hitting showrooms, as the carmaker has recently announced. According to the company, the Caterham Seven will receive a new entry-level version, which will be powered by a Suzuki-sourced engine, which has 660cc.

“Suzuki is a leader in producing compact vehicles with extremely efficient engines and that is clearly a shared passion. We needed a particularly light powertrain but it had to be a unit that suited the characteristics inherent to all Sevens – thankfully, after lots of hard work, we have a package that works brilliantly”, said Graham Macdonald, the Caterham CEO.

Caterham says that the new entry-level Caterham Seven will be the lightest version of the model ever and even if performance specifications haven’t been announced just yet, the CTI (Caterham Technology & Innovation) has made several modifications in order to ensure that strong performance will still be delivered, along with an improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. Prices for the new entry-level Seven will be set at less than 17,000 GBP once the model will go on sale this autumn.


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