The German based automaker Audi is currently considering the development of a new entry-level sports car which will slot below the recently unveiled TT.

The announcement hasn’t been officially made by the company just yet and actually this is part of a report published by the guys at the new Audi entry-level sports car will actually slot below the recently unveiled TT, in its new generation, and it will be based on the next generation of the Volkswagen Polo.

“The TT is the most sporty car on the MQB [architecture]… but will also have MQB Zero – next-gen Polo. Based on this sub matrix system I can imagine a smaller car”, said Ulrich Hackenberg, the Audi chief technical officer.

The brand new Audi entry-level sports car will be cheaper than most of its rivals and, speaking about the competition, chances are this will be aimed towards models such as the Toyota GT 86 or the Subaru BRZ. The Audi sports car will be, of course, more premium than these models. It’s not certain at the moment whether rear-wheel drive, or even all-wheel drive, will be used on this model, and what engine lineup it will receive. These details will be announced close to the model’s unveil.


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