In a world that focuses more and more on a ‘green life’, Chevrolet pays more attention to the green segment for cars and the impact that the technologies and used materials have on the environment.

That is why Chevy will place an eco-label on the new vehicles, to inform the buyer of the entire manufacturing process and what the auto components are.

The company calls these stickers Ecologic and Two Tomorrows (an independent third-party agency) will verify the information written on them.

The stickers will have three sections: Before the Road, On the Road and After the Road.

The first section has information about the assembly and manufacturing process, the second section tells about the fuel saving features (aerodynamics and engine technology) and the third section has information about how the car can be recycled after it can no longer be used on the road.

“We know plant by plant, component by component, powertrain by powertrain how these vehicles are made, what the recyclability is — and we provide that information to the customer,” said Mike Robinson, vice president of sustainability and global regulatory affairs for Chevrolet.

The first labels are already in production and they will appear on the 2012 Sonic, a compact car that Chevrolet directs towards the young and environmentally conscious customers.


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