The Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari built in Modena, Italy, the town where Enzo Ferrari himself was born, was recently inaugurated.

The museum cost €18 million ($23.6 million) based on current exchange rates, mostly funded by local leaders in Modena in an effort to drive up tourism in the area. Enzo Ferrari Museum includes the aforementioned house where Ferrari was born in 1898 as well as a new building designed with a shiny yellow aluminum roof made to look like the hood of a car, air vents and all.

“I remember coming once to see the house when I was a kid, but it wasn’t with my father because he never wanted to come back,” said Piero Ferrari, Enzo’s son, the auto company’s vice chairman. “He always said that if he couldn’t buy it, he didn’t want to go into a house owned by other people. He asked me if the staircase near the entrance was still there.”

The 54,000-square-feet building features plenty of exhibits, including a gallery of classic Ferraris, historical artifacts, and memorabilia. Considerable space is allotted to Enzo Ferrari’s own personal belongings, as well as a variety of never-before-seen documents and drawings that encompass the rich and storied racing history of Modena, Italy.

The museum is opened every day with the only exception being Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. The doors open from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm depending on the calendar date, and a full-price ticket costs € 13.00.


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