Today, March 29th, the EPA is expected to propose a package of rules on cleaner gasoline and stricter tailpipes pollution limits.

The package of rules, known as Tier 3, already have the support of the auto industry as they would make US standards align with those from California, where gasoline has a lower sulfur content which will cut tailpipe emissions. Automakers agree with the rules imposed by the EPA and the White House, as low-sulfur gasoline will help them begin selling lean-burn gasoline direct injection engines, which will comply with the stricter average fuel economy standards.

“We think this is a very significant proposal and are delighted that the car makers support it,” Frank O’Donnell, president of the advocacy group Clean Air Watch, said in an email.

Although the rules are backed by the environmental and health groups, as they will reduce emissions that form the smog and scoot, the oil industry is the only one opposing them. To upgrade an oil refinery to begin selling low-sulfur gasoline could lead to costs of tens of millions of dollars, therefore some refineries might be forced to close their gates rather than perform such an expensive retooling.

“Consumers care about the price of fuel, and our government should not be adding unnecessary regulations that raise manufacturing cost,” Bob Greco, a group director at the American Petroleum Institute, said in a statement.


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