Epic drift fight teaser: Lambo vs. Mustang in the woods with Daigo Saito and Vaughn Gittin Jr. behind the wheels image

Here’s a teaser for a drift battle that will most likely go down in history – a rather unique Lamborghini Murcielago has been turned a drifting ace and will battle for supremacy with an equally prepped champion representing the American school – the 757 RTR Mustang.

The fans of the drift battle scene will revere such an encounter but trust on this – this drift battle is for the ages and might turn and uninterested party into a follower before long (actually before the video ends). Just picture this: woods… then here’s a drift prepped Lamborghini belonging to Daigo Saito… and the competitor is Vughn Gittin Jr.’s 757 RTR Mustang. Oh, yes, there’s a catch – the entire scene will play out on December 15 as for now we’re only treated to a mind boggling teaser. By the way, if you didn’t already know that, Lambos prepped for drifting are as rare as extraterrestrials. But Daigo Saito’s unit is one that qualifies as a UFO – lots of customization and fabrication is involved and the chassis and suspension setups are now far away from what Sant’Agata Bolognese builders had initially delivered. One thing kept was the Murcielago’s stock naturally aspirated V12, though updated with HKS air filters, a straight exhaust with a cross section. Naturally the six speed manual now delivers the entire power to the rear wheels.

We’re going to be treated to jaw-dropping action, since Vaughn is no shy guy when it comes to drift battles even though Saito already tipped the point when he took on the only Lexus LFA tuned for drifting a while back.


#BATTLEDRIFT: Launching December 15th | 日本時間12/16公開

Posted by Monster Energy on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#BATTLEDRIFT: Launching December 15th | 日本時間12/16公開

Posted by Monster Energy on Tuesday, December 8, 2015