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Executive Interview with Mrs.Jennifer Jiang(Jingfang Jiang), Director of Marketing and Sales Controling, Chassis Systems Control – China
By Tony Qian

Gasgoo: Could you please introduce the recent situation and developing goal of Bosch Group?

Jennifer Jiang: As one of the key divisions of Bosch’s automotive technology business sector, Bosch Chassis Systems Control China started its engineering and sales in China in 2002. This development was followed by the establishment of its new ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) production line in Suzhou and the localized production of ABS in 2003 as well as the localized production of ABS8.0 and ESP®8.0 in Suzhou in 2005. In 2006, Bosch established its vehicle verification road (VVR) in the Engineering Center. The establishment of VVR distinguishes Bosch as the only automotive supplier to own a professional braking systems verification road in China. In November 2008, Bosch opened its latest winter test facilities in Yakeshi, covering 1.86 million square meters, with an investment of 150 million RMB. The new center will ensure reliable cold weather conditions for testing vehicle safety systems.

Our concept is local for local, which means that we realize the localization of manufacturing, R&D (research and development), and application of the products to be sold in China with local associates, and speed up our response to the market to offer better service to Chinese customers. Looking forward to the future, we strive to develop high-quality technology and products which are beneficial to the safety of transportation and energy saving, and achieve a green and safe future through reliable and safe cutting-edge technology.

Gasgoo: It’s reported that Bosch plans to develop an integrated active and passive safety system called CAPS. At the same time, Continental Group also has a similar plan. Can you make an introduction to this system?

Jennifer Jiang: Bosch is networking the active and passive safety systems with the driver assistance systems to create the modular safety system CAPS (Combined Active Passive Safety). This provides a basis on which new functions for even greater accident protection can be implemented. CAPS is an electronic safety program using all relevant information and all adequate actuators available in the vehicle, thus it can offer drivers all respects of assistance, prevent the occurring of accidents, or Provide improved protection and rescue support in unavoidable crash situations. This system can effectively reduce the cases of accidents and save lives. So it can largely improve the road safety situation. We have confidence in its future development and application.

Gasgoo: The ESP (Electric Stability Program) isn’t every popular in China. According to a survey, only 10% of new cars produced in China are equipped with this system. The Chinese government hasn’t issued the regulations about ESP. How do you think about the development of ESP in China in the near future? And who will lead the standard establishment of ESP?

How Effective is Stability Control

Jennifer Jiang: Developed and launched by Bosch in 1995, ESP® is considered as the most important life saving technology after safety belt, many countries like US, Australia, Europe and Canada are now making ESP® mandatory through legislation. Currently it is hard to predict whether or when Chinese government will mandate ESP. However, we are confident that ESP® will be popular in China in the coming 5 or 10 years following this safety trend worldwide. However, the progress requires the common effort from all parties including OEMs, end users and policy makers in the automotive industry.

Gasgoo: Bosch Group has built test road for vehicles in China and the local production has developed every fast. Has Bosch any plans to improve the R&D of hi-tech and new products in China? Which hi-tech and new products, do you think, are expected to be developed in China?

Jennifer Jiang: Our concept is local for local, which means that we realize the localization of manufacturing, R&D (research and development), and application of the products to be sold in China with local associates. Currently, our technology can be applied locally. Major products of Bosch Chassis System consists Active Safety Systems: ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), TCS (Traction Control System), ESP®(Electronic Stability Program)and sensor; Passive Safety Systems: Airbag ECU and its sensors. We are preparing for the launch of new generation from 2011 for ABS/ ESP®. For occupant safety systems, we have launched AB10a targeted at Asian market in 2008, and we are also developing low cost AB ECU for LPV to meet the market needs.