eSports pro player has change of heart – goes from BMW i8 to Mercedes G63 AMG image

While he doesn’t actually have the iconic aura of other sports professionals, 23-year old Matthew Haag has made a name for himself among the fans of eSports.

That’s because at this age he has already retired from a successful career of professional eSports player and he is now answering that ageless question: what to do with all that cash? For starters, he decided to write off his supercar – green-minded BMW i8 – and switched to an all new Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. You’ll understand immediately why when we’ll tell you what kind of game he plays. It’s not League of Legends, DOTA or even Heartstone – Matt used to play Call of Duty, and he stopped doing that last year. And if you think he’ll run out of money soon, then guess again – Nadeshot (his in game nickname) – has founded his own competitive gaming team and gets lucrative sponsorship deals from a number of gaming hardware companies or even Red Bull if you mind his attire.

He recently told his YouTube followers how he decided to add another car to his garage roster – trading in a BMW i8 worth $140,000 for the Mercedes G in AMG livery. He also said why the trade-off: the i8 wasn’t nearly as exciting as his 2010 BMW M3 he still drives and decided to get something more practical – opting for the bad guys go to vehicle. There were some comments that pointed to his girlfriend being pregnant, so he needed a “family” car but were also others who thought he should have gone for the G63 AMG 6×6!

Via OpTic NaDeSHoT