Yesterday, June 19th, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Estonia and ABB announced that the first Terra 51 DC fast charging station for electric vehicles has been installed in Estonia.

The Innovation Center in Tallinn homes this fast charger, which is the first of 200 units to be installed in the entire country. ABB declared that Estonia will have the world’s first nationwide network of DC fast chargers. The Ministry also announced the other 160 future locations, including 10 in Tartu, 4 in Pärnu, 27 in Tallinn and 2 in Narva.

“The advanced fast charging infrastructure is the key component in the fully developed eco-system for electric vehicles. Together with ABB, we are committed to providing the best combination of hardware, software and services available to Estonian electric vehicle pioneers,“ explained the head of the electro mobility program for Estonia, Jarmo Tuisk. “This is the mission of the nationwide rollout of fast chargers.“

This world’s first complete EV charging infrastructure will support the development and expansion of EVs. The Estonian government has already bought 507 Mitsubishi iMiEV electric vehicles for its own fleet and it also offers substantial incentives to boost the EVs sales.


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