The new British automaker Eterniti has just revealed the first images of the Hemera Super SUV ahead of its Frankfurt Motor Show debut and as you can see for yourselves, it’s looking exactly like a Porsche Cayenne facelift.

If Opel tolerates Vauxhall and it’s actually considered a British automaker by everyone, we are curious to see what Porsche will say about the Eterniti Hemera after the Germans will realize that the initial sketches don’t look like the final product.

The new Eterniti Hemera Super SUV can battle with the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S on its performance too, because the British manufacturer says that its delivering 620 BHP and with its great 4x4capabilities can go over 180 mph.

According to Eterniti, the new Hemera has a limousine-like rear cabin, with iPads, twin electric reclining seats and drinks chiller, being the perfect SUV in which to enjoy the ride from the rear seats.

Eterniti didn’t announce the Hemera Super SUV’s price or other details yet and it’s waiting for the Frankfurt Auto Show to open its gates next week.


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