Eterniti Motors – UK’s newest luxury car brand image

The newest luxury car brand is coming from Britain and it will make its official debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, in September, under the “Eterniti Motors” name.

Even though it didn’t even hit the market yet, the Bentley SUV will have a rival in Eterniti Motors’ crossover, which will also battle with the Aston Martin Lagona.

According to Autocar the London-based auto maker will introduce a supercar right after the SUV’s debut, with the company manufacturing “bespoke high-level luxury vehicles with high quality, hand-crafter interiors”.

The new British SUV will be named Hemera and the car manufacturer didn’t provide information about its platform or engine range, but a spokesman told our colleagues at Autocar that the crossover will be “high performance”.

The Hemera SUV will be placed on “a new market niche” and according to Eternini Motors’ spokesman it will be the first in the segment, priced at around 150.000 British pounds, the same as the Bentley SUV.

The Eterniti Motors Company has the potential to be “the new Pagani” and according to our collegues over the auto maker is backed by an ex-Ferrari and Maserati technician at Maranello sales, the Ferrari garage in Surrey and Foskers and an independent Ferrari garage. The Aston Martin CEO in China, Kenny Jen-Te Chen, is also behind Eterniti Motors, as well as a large Porsche dealership in China, owned by the Investment Group which is also supporting the newest luxury car manufacturer.