EU CO2 Emissions Rule Delayed Due to German Lobbying image

German lobbying has forced the EU to postpone enforcing the CO2 emissions rules for all new European vehicles by 2020.

At the beginning of this week the EU reached a compromise deal regarding the CO2 emissions rules, imposing a limit of 95 g/km as an average for the new vehicles in Europe by 2020. Most member states backed the deal, except for Germany which has started an aggressive campaign against the agreement. The final decision was expected to be taken yesterday, June 27th, but the vote was delayed due to Germany’s lobbying.

“As far as I’m aware there is no question of changing the content of the agreement,” the source said, although other EU sources said Germany was looking for allies to overturn the deal, rather than to simply delay it.

According to a European diplomatic source, senior German officials have asked the EU counterparts not to take the decision ‘immediately’, as it is believed that Germany seeks a delay until after the September elections.

“As a company committed to meaningful CO2 emission reductions through advanced technology, Ford is disappointed,” Ford Motor Co said in a statement. “We will now have to regroup within the industry to determine the next steps.”

Source: Reuters