EU commission discussing with Volkswagen about emission testing procedure image

European Union officials have announced Tuesday they have constant contact with both Volkswagen AG and the US regulators after finding the carmaker acknowledged it had cheated on emissions tests.

The European Union regulators have also called all of the member states to have another look at their relevant laws and even challenge Volkswagen through new investigations – Germany, France, Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy have already done so, while more and more lawmakers voice their opinion the European Commission should start its own probe on the matter. The EU also called all nations to be “particularly vigilant … on national manufacturers”, which could be seen as a direct jab towards Germany which has been long criticized by green supporters about how it enforces its environmental standards when it comes to the nation’s economy driving automakers and truck manufacturers.

Automakers have also been known to manipulate as much as they can the current testing procedures for new vehicles in the European Union, with the EU executive trying for years to deliver stricter testing procedures – always challenged and pressured to lengthen their adoption by the carmakers. We need to get to the bottom of this. For the sake of our consumers and the environment, we need certainty that industry scrupulously respects emissions limits,” commented European Commission spokeswoman Lucia Caudet in a statement. She added the Eu commission was talking to both the US EPA, the California regulators and Volkswagen to have all details about the carmaker’s upcoming recall of vehicles in the US.

Via Reuters