EU countries pressured to offer feedback on proposal to tighten auto emissions testing procedures image

The European Commission is pressing the local governments in Europe to offer their feedback by the end of the week on the recent proposal to establish stricter car-pollution testing procedures.

The executive arm of the EU also seeks to have a vote on the new measures for the inspection regime up and running by October 28, with the tougher procedures called into action because of the recent emissions scandal involving VW AG’s cheating when it comes to diesel technology. The commission’s officials, which enforce the executive decisions for the 28-nation European Union, announced the new dates on Tuesday in Brussels while talking to the European Parliament members who asked for details on the newly devised and tougher testing system. Slated for September 2017, the new testing procedures would not only establish the emissions of smog-causing nitrogen oxides in laboratory conditions, but also following real world driving conditions.

The representatives of the commission declined to make public any further details of the proposal, which has been called to involve confidential deliberations with EU governments that would decide on the matter. The European Union has called for a modification of the current emissions testing procedure after evidence surfaced that new autos in real life driving conditions might emit as much as 400 percent to 500 percent more pollutants than under laboratory conditions. The EU has decided to address the numerous weaknesses in its regulatory system, which has allowed a deception such as the one performed by Volkswagen, which has outfitted some of its diesel engines with software that allowed them to dupe US emissions of NOx levels.

Via Bloomberg