EU dealers wait, prepare for Chinese cars image

Environment-friendly vehicles are very popular and discussed everywhere, but most of the time, electric cars are used for brand imaging. Chinese electronic car makers could obtain a strong advantage when entering the European market.

Chinese cars have not been approved for sale in Europe, so even if dealers like them now, they must wait. European dealers are evaluating car models, contacting automakers, and making preparations for the future.

“BYD is so strong in developing electronic vehicles. If it comes out with electronic cars, it will be one of the first,” Alfred Stadler, president of Denzel, told on April 23 at Auto China 2010 in Beijing.

As one of the first, the car maker will attract customers’ attention quickly and easily. As the first Sino-EU buyout, Geely’s Volvo acquisition has captured much attention from European media. As the first Chinese carmaker to appear at a European auto show, BYD also obtained brand awareness at the Geneva auto show 2009.

“To make a lot of profit by selling Chinese cars is a long time away in the future. As far as volume is concerned, they are good. As far as being able to satisfy European customers, they still need development,” Stadler added.

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