EU Delays Emission Rules for Vehicles image

As the auto industry has been hardly hit by the crisis, the EU will postpone the new emission rules for vehicles.

A plan published by the EU last week regarding the auto sector, did not include or even mention the carbon regulations for heavy goods vehicles or carbon dioxide labeling for consumers. This means that once again industry has won the fight with the environmental regulation. The plan is aimed to make the industry innovative, sustainable and competitive, but it postpones emissions rules for vehicles.

Back in 2010, when Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard started her term in office, she vowed to tighten 2020 vehicles emissions targets published in June and this year everyone expected to see a policy document on how to follow that plan. It seems that we’ll have to wait at least until the first part of 2013, the postponing pushing back other ambitious projects.

The auto industry is divided in two parts: those who believe regulatory certainty is of utmost importance for the future of the industry and those who say that it is too early to set goals beyond 2020 as it is still unclear what role will play the EVs in cutting carbon.

“A revision with a concrete 2025 target should be made not before 2016/2017. The discussion about our CO2 policy for cars after 2020 can be held with an open-ended outcome,” said Hartmut Baur, senior manager for environment, energy and transport policy at Daimler.