The latest study conducted by Jato Dynamics revealed an European EV market that is currently registering a flat evolution, as current incentives seem not to have the forecasted sales energizing effect. Also, the report is underlying that EV demand is influenced more than it was believed by other factors excepting the actual price, factors like degree of urban geography, market maturity and charging infrastructure.

Gareth Hession, vice-president for research at Jato, said: “It’s clear that the EV market is set for significant growth and we are at the early stages of its development. As the market matures we might expect subsidies to exert greater influence.”

According to the study, for the first half of the year, EV registrations increased ten times compared to last year, from 5,222 vehicles in 2010 H1 to 507 vehicles in 2011 H1. Germany had the greatest EV sales in Europe, reaching 1,020 EV unit registrations in the first half of 2011. Other figures regarding EV registresions across countries are: France – 953 vehicles, Norway – 850 vehicles, Denmark – 283 vehicles, Italy – 103 EV vehicles, opposite to Ireland’s 83 vehicles and Romania – 2 vehicles.

As mentioned before, the research showed that current incentive did not play an important part in EV sales across the continent. Though, in Denmark were registered 283 vehicles (or 0,32% of the all vehicles registered in the country), although tax exclusions may reach the amount of €20,588. In the mean time, Great Britain (€6,400) and Spain (€6,500), although they have almost the same subsidy, in GB were registered 599 vehicles, while in Spain were registered only 122 vehicles. Also, Sweden had almost the same vehicles registered as Spain (111), but subsidies reach only €470 per vehicle.


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