EU New Commercial Vehicle Registrations Up 3.6% in April image

April demand for new commercial vehicles in the EU  increased 3.6%.

New commercial vehicle registrations increased 3.6% last month for the first time since December 2011, thanks to high demand for new vans, up 5.8%. This April also had two more working days compared with the same month last year and the total number of registrations reached 100,000 units, still under the level before the crisis recorded in April 2008.

Registrations in the UK increased 29.5%, Spain was up 7.0% and Germany 3.7%, while France fell 3.8% and Italy 20.2%. During the first four months of the year, UK was the only market to report an increase, 11.3%, while France fell 9.0%, Germany 11.2%, Spain 12.9% and Italy 23.9%. The total of commercial vehicles registered during this period was 545,049 units, down 7.6%.

The only segment which increased in April was that of new light commercial vehicles or vans, up 5.8% to 116,657 units. The UK was up 43.0%, Spain 11.5% and Germany 6.6%, while France dropped 4.0% and Italy 22.2%. During the first four months of the year van registrations in the UK rose 17.6%, but fell 8.8% in France, 12.0% in Spain, 9.9% in Germany and 25.0% in Italy. In the EU 449,094 vans were registered, down 6.3%.

Heavy truck registrations in April dropped 5.8% in the EU to 18,252 units, with Italy up 2.7%, but Germany down 2.0%, France 4.8%, Spain 17.5% and the UK 17.9%. From January to April, truck registrations in the EU fell 13.8%, with France down 13.6%, Italy 13.7%, the UK 14.9%, Germany 18.1% and Spain 19.7%.