EU parliament makes eCall system mandatory image

In a vote on draft legislation designed to implement the eCall emergency call system, the European Union parliament has announced its mandatory installment until October 2015.

The eCall emergency call system is a device designed to automatically announce rescue services if a car crash occurs and will be installed on all new models of cars and light vans in the EU – in a move to potentially reduce the accidents toll, which in 2012 alone caused 28 000 fatalities and another 1.5 million injuries.

“The deployment of a public EU-wide emergency call system represents a very important achievement for the safety of European road users. About 2500 lives could be saved every year in Europe as well as the severity of injuries could be considerably reduced in tens of thousands of cases. The eCall will be free of charge, for the benefit of any driver in Europe independently of the car he or she drives” said the EU rapporteur, Olga Sehnalova.

The in-vehicle eCall system would, in the eventuality of a crash, use the emergency call number 112 system technology to alert the authorities automatically, while also enforcing a data-protection clause in which only accidents trigger the data collecting measure.