EU plans electric standards! image

The European Union’s executive said on Wednesday that standards for charging electric cars and vans should be set by next year and fuel efficiency rules for motorcycles be proposed this year.

Antonio Tajani, the industry commissioner, said that common standards were essential for Europe, because Asian and US-based competitors were already developing their own programmes.

“Without strong standardisation work, I think it will be difficult to develop a market for electric cars,” said Tajani.

Electric safety requirements should be proposed in 2010, while crash safety requirements and potential risks due to the quietness of electric vehicles need to be reviewed by 2012, it said.

Then, next year, standards for the recharging of cars will be developed, and the following year, 2012, the commission wants to analyse the risks involved when such cars are involved in collisions.

The commission believes that hydrogen fuel-cell cars are one of “most promising options.”