EU pushing for quieter engines image

European politicians believe cars on the market today are too noisy. Therefore, they want to lower the allowed noise levels of vehicles sold in the EU.

On the other hand, some cars are not noisy enough and that’s dangerous too. You guessed, we’re talking about electric vehicles, upon which Brussels bureaucrats want to impose artificial noise systems.

According to the proposed law, the methods used to determine how noisy cars are in the EU would be standardises, thus resulting in stricter limits. However, not all cars are equal: the legislation retains a special clause for powerful low-weight supercars, which will have the permission to be louder.

Not all Europeans agree to this, though. “In our opinion it doesn’t make any sense to let these special cars be louder than cars with a lower power to mass ratio, because the noise that is produced by the car has nothing to do with this ratio,” Nima Nader of the think tank Centrum fur Europaische Politik (CEP) was quoted as saying by Reuters.

As for electric cars, lawmakers worry that they are too quiet to alert pedestrians of their approach and are especially dangerous for the blind. The solution would be to fit an acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS). The European Parliament will vote on the legislation later this year.