EU request: no information yet on the VW scandal from France and Italy image

In a request coming from the EU to member states to provide information in connection with Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, all states replied but France and Italy, Reuters reports.

With the majority of the over polluting Volkswagen cars being found in Europe, the EU needs to know in what degree each member state has been affected by the cheating scandal. Therefore, the European Commission has asked all 28 EU countries to investigate breaches of vehicle emissions rules after the German automaker admitted last year that there were around 8.5 million cars in Europe which were fitted with software aimed at masking nitrogen oxide emissions. At the same time, the EC sent a letter to Volkswagen asking for more information; the European Environment and Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete declared on Tuesday that the respective was so far unanswered.

He also said that 26 of the 28 EU member states replied to the letter particularly related to the irregularities on CO2 emissions he sent together with Industry Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska, but “two big countries” have not given any answer so far. Even if he did not name the countries, an EU official told Reuters that the culprits were Italy and France. Within the EU, each country has to make sure that the automakers are complying with emissions rules, as vehicle testing to approve cars is overseen by national authorities.

Last month, the European Union issued a legislative proposal to tighten rules over the approval of car models, to prevent a repeat of Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal in the region. The tougher regime would give the Commission more power and diminish the role of national authorities, but the law needs to be approved by all member states.

Via Reuters