EU scientists say Daimler’s rejected coolant is safe image

According to the European Commission, its scientists have conducted extensive research that found safe the new car coolant that triggered a bitter dispute between European regulators and Daimler, backed by Germany.

The Commission, EU’s executive, asked the Joint Research Council (JRC) to provide assessment over the safety of R1234yf. The JRC was formed to provide impartial advice to policymakers on scientific matters.

“There is no evidence of a serious risk in the use of this refrigerant in mobile air-conditioning systems under normal and foreseeable conditions of use,” the JRC concluded in its report.

Daimler responded in a statement, calling the report “too restrictive”. The German automaker still uses the old-style coolant – which has a global warming potential roughly 1,000 times bigger than of CO2 instead of the new R1234yf coolant made by Honeywell and Dupont.

Because using the old coolant is in breach of an EU law that forbids the use of coolants with a potential 150 times bigger than of CO2, the European Commission has now moved to begin legal proceedings against Germany over Daimler’s refusal. The company on the other hand says it’s not using the new one because it has the potential of releasing a toxic gas when it burns.

Via Reuters