EU Supports France Decision to Block the Sale of Mercedes-Benz Vehicles image

EU supports France in its decision to block the sale of Mercedes-Benz vehicles which use banned refrigerant.

The European Commission’s assessment is a hard blow for the German automaker and might lead to the beginning of similar restrictions from other countries in Europe.

“Currently in the European market there are vehicles produced by this manufacturer that, according to the preliminary Commission analysis, are not in conformity with their type-approval,” EU industry chief Antonio Tajani said in a statement on today, July 16th.

But further investigations are necessary to see if some Daimler vehicles manufactured since May, under previous approval offered by the German government, are also illegal.

Vehicles which do not comply with the regulations cannot be registered or sold in Europe. Therefore, France’s decision to refuse registration of Mercedes vehicles produced beginning with June 12th, might be considered a legal move under the present EU laws, if the right procedures have been followed.

France has denied the registration of Mercedes A class, B class and CLA vehicles, even if they have been approved by German authorities, as they were containing the R134a refrigerant which is banned in the EU. Daimler said that it decision not to use the new refrigerant is due to safety concerns, as it considers the Honeywell International’s R1234yf dangerous.

“Our cars have a valid, European-wide permit. Nothing should stand in the way of their being registered,” said a Daimler spokesman.

Source: Autonews