EU to vote against the softer emissions limits image

Members of the European Parliament will not vote for the agreement that is supposed to soften the emission tests, sourced says.

The European Commission reached a compromise deal over new test procedures for cars in October. The agreement, which has been fiercely debated, will allow vehicles to still emit more than two times the agreed pollution threshold after a proposal from the European Commission. But according to politicians and EU sources, members of the parliament’s environment committee will block the deal, saying they have cross-party support. The vote for the agreement, which was made during a closed-door committee meeting of representatives of the 28 member states, is scheduled for December 14.

“We need to object because it is a crazy decision. Carmakers have been delaying this for years. Then we find out they have been cheating on it and we reward them by giving them more time and saying they can emit more,” Green environment spokesperson and vice president Bas Eickhout said.

Any decision in the environment committee would have to be confirmed by a plenary vote. Dutch Liberal politician Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy also said he firmly believes in a rejection on the compromise made by the environment committee. “When there are companies who are deliberately trying to fool us, we are rewarding them. What kind of message is that to the rest of the world?” Gerbrandy said. “We are showing that we are rather weak guardians of our European regulation.”

Via Automotive News Europe