EU Transport Boss Requires the Increase of Refueling Points for EVs image

According to EU transport boss, Europe must quickly increase the number of refueling points for natural gas vehicles and EVs.

EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas said that Europe must invest in millions of new refueling stations for EVs and natural gas vehicles across the continent, otherwise it will lag Japan, China and the US. His plan is aimed at overcoming the infrastructure bottlenecks which have kept back development of natural gas vehicles and EVs, as there is still no refueling network for them. Some of the problems to accomplish this plan would be the high costs, a 2020 deadline and rigid targets.

“Our competitors Japan, China and the United States are moving towards these targets,” Kallas told Monday’s debate of EU transport ministers. “My general idea is that the necessary investment should be done by the private sector.”

The Commission aims at reducing the dependence on imported fossil fuel, in order to cut CO2 emissions and improve security of supply. In order to make the auto sector greener, there is also the nee to impose tougher CO2 emission standards and also to deal with a huge shortage of green refuelling points.

“It is the most important policy initiative by the European Commission for our industry and creates confidence at both industry and customer level,” said Matthias Maedge, EU affairs manager at the NGVA. “The main bottleneck is access to refuelling.”