EU Tries to Solve France-Germany Issue Regarding the Air Conditioning Coolant image

EU experts will meet on Wednesday to have a discussion regarding the Franco-German dispute regarding Daimler’s refusal to use a more environmentally-friendly air conditioning coolant.

The 28 EU member states will gather on Wednesday, July 17th, for a “technical” meeting, which will be focused on ‘points of law.’ Both France and Germany are at risk of infringement action regarding this issue. What led to dispute was France’s refusal to register several new Mercedes vehicles, A, B and CLA-class models, contravening the EU rules regarding the free movement of goods across the country’s borders.

Beginning January 1st, all new vehicles are required to be fitted with the R1234yf refrigerant, but Daimler will keep using its R134a air conditioning coolant, claiming that studies how that the new refrigerant catches fire more easily and the vehicle has a higher risk of exploding in case of crash. Although experts reject Daimler’s theory, the automaker is allowed in Germany to use the older coolant.

Daimler has a deadline until August 20th, to answer the European Commission queries, after which Brussels will have other 10 weeks to decide if a formal legal action should be launched. Daimler said that the vehicles blocked from being registered in France, were manufactured during a 6-month period of grace.